Business Owner Services

Qualified Retirement Plans

Our team is eager to help you foster the growth of your business while offering your employees a retirement plan option that suits your company’s culture. Selecting and implementing the right retirement plan for your business could help you attract and retain employees, as retirement plans are often one of the largest assets that people own.


Our team provides diligent support for your business through every stage of the process:

  • Provide investment analysis and selection guidance
  • Assist with preparation and ongoing review of Investment Policy Statement
  • Diversification review
  • Fee and service analysis and negotiation
  • Documentation and record management provider selection
  • Leadership training and employee education

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Employee stock ownership plans are tax-advantaged benefit plans that give workers ownership interest in your company. ESOPs are a great strategy for facilitating succession planning by transferring ownership in your company to your employees. Furthermore, they empower employees to do what’s best for the company, since employees are also shareholders in it, and they promote a positive company culture.

Banking/Cash Management Services

We offer access to a comprehensive suite of cash management and lending services to integrate your day-to-day liquidity needs with your long-term ambitions. We also provide access to investment banking services and potential investment opportunities in emerging entrepreneurial companies and private direct investments where available and appropriate. 

Life Insurance

For the protection and longevity of your business, it’s best practice to have a plan in place if something unexpected should happen to you or your business partner(s). Through establishing a cross-purchase or redemption agreement, you can help ensure that remaining shares will go to the right place.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

Because high-income earners are often able to contribute more to retirement savings plans than the constraints of government-sponsored plans allow, corporate executives may find themselves in need of non-qualified deferred compensation plans, or 409A plans. These offer a way for high-income earners to defer ownership of income and avoid income taxes on their earnings, while also benefitting from tax-deferred investment growth.

Operational Account Management

With the constant movement of money through wires and accounts, business owners require the convenience of seamless money transfers.  Instead of walking into a bank every time you need to manage movement between accounts, you can rely on us for your operational account management needs.  We know our clients best, so we already understand your personal and business needs when it comes to cash and asset movement.  We make this time-consuming step more convenient.

Key Person Insurance

This is a life insurance policy that business owners can purchase if the death of a critical individual would be devastating to the business.  This important (and often overlooked) strategy protects the business in the event of an untimely or unexpected loss of a key employee – this could be a top executive or, for a small business, an owner or founder.  Your business is the beneficiary of the policy if this person dies.

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