Stifel Solutions Program

As portfolio managers within the Stifel Solutions Program, Richard, Brian, and Amanda are able to manage portfolios for clients who choose discretionary advisory services. Qualifying for this required meeting specialized criteria, including sustained tenure in the investment industry, a well-developed investment philosophy and process, and experience in managing portfolios on a discretionary basis.


Personalized and Active Approach to Asset Allocation
Discretionary Decisions on Your Behalf
Long-Term Portfolio Management

Diverse Selection of Investments
Detailed Understanding of Your Goals and Full Financial Picture



We take care of the due diligence, including in-depth analysis of all investments, allowing us to offer you guidance that’s proactive instead of reactive. 


The Solutions program requires a minimum investment, which varies by strategy. Ask your Financial Advisor for a Disclosure Brochure, which further outlines the fees, services, exclusions, and disclosures associated with this program. Since all investment decisions in a Solutions account are made by the Financial Advisor without having to receive prior client approval, it is important that Solutions clients have detailed knowledge of the Financial Advisor’s individual investment philosophy and decision-making process before entrusting him or her with their portfolio. You should consider all terms and conditions before deciding whether the Solutions Program and any particular strategy are appropriate for your needs. Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.